Büyükelçi Fazlı Çorman'ın Cumhuriyet Bayramı Konuşması

Oslo Büyükelçiliği 29.10.2019

Büyükelçi Fazlı Çorman'ın 29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı Resepsiyonu'nda yaptığı konuşmanın metni aşağıda sunulmaktadır:


Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am greatly honored to host the Turkish National Day Reception today, marking the 96th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of you for being with us and sharing our greatest pride and joy as the Turkish nation.

I wish you all, a heartfelt welcome.

The Turkish Republic was founded 96 years ago on 29th of October 1923, three years after the inauguration of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which marked the start of the liberation of our homeland following the First World War.

Our Republic is based on this principle: “Sovereignty rests unconditionally with the nation.”

The Republic founded under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is regarded as the one and only form of government which will take Turkey and Turkish nation many steps forward in a wide variety of fields both in terms ofinterior and international relations.

Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to commemorate Atatürk for his indisputable contributions to today’s well-developed Turkey. I also stand in respect to all our heroes who sacrificed their lives when defending our country.

The Turkish nation is well aware of the difficulties experienced and the pains suffered in the period before the foundation of the Republic, which is why we are determined to preserve our Republic and the State.

Turkey has achieved a robust economic development and has been increasing her substantial diplomatic presence by having her voice better heard in the international community for the last decades.

For the Republic of Turkey to remain a well-functioning democracy based on common global values to which we all aspire, it has to remain safe and stable first.

There is no wonder that our nation has gone through many trying times during these 100 years; as we are located in an especially difficult neighborhood. Against multiple de-stabilizing crises popping up around us, we survived with the help of the strength and the unity of our people. That is why these concepts are dear to us.

This spirit of unity was last displayed when we averted a heinous coup-attempt intended to destroy our Republic on the 15th of July 2016.

That spirit of unity proved to us, as well as to the rest of the world that the Turkish Republic and the Turkish nation will not surrender to terrorists, coup-plotters, separatists or extremists.

Turkey has been suffering greatly from terrorism within and out of her borders. Depending on the power of ourselves only and the tremendous support of our own people, we have always succeeded in overcoming all kinds of threats posed against our democracy, welfare and prosperity.

In this spirit, we insist that the recent actions that we were compelled to take beyond our borders are aimed only at ensuring the national security of Turkey and nothing else. The media and the members of the international community do not see the realities that we have been living in yet, but they will, eventually. We have shown time again that we are open to diplomatic initiatives and negotiations as long as our point of view is honestly considered.

We will painstakingly keep on explaining our friends why we do what we do in the way we do. We are confident of the rightfulness of our choices and expect our friends and allies to listen to us with some empathy before judging us.

We expect and request our friends to rely on us, rather than on a refurbished terrorist organization with a bloody background, so that we can pave the way for genuine enhancement of the world peace, together.

We have the real means for safeguarding the stability in our region, and our actions, though grossly misunderstood now, will be appreciated one day, when the world public will slowly learn more of what kind of manipulations that have been covertly engineered around us.

Our European allies should not need reminders to appreciate the role we play as the buffer and front line to all those troubles that we have been barring.

As a country significant in its region and active in the international fora, Turkey will continue exerting profound diplomatic efforts to ensure and promote the common global values of all humanity.

As expressed in the message of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that we just heard, the principles on which we built the Turkish Republic are the guarantees of not only a democratic, powerful and prosperous Turkey but also a more peaceful andstable world.

Before concluding, I would also like to briefly touch upon the good and friendly relations between Turkey and Norway. Turkish-Norwegian diplomatic relations were established in 1926, three years after the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

We are highly pleased to observe and contribute to the constant improvement of our bilateral political and economic relations. We give utmost importance to our NATO alliance.

We are also glad that we have many Norwegian neighbors in Antalya apart from hundreds of thousands of Norwegian tourists visiting Turkey every year.

The momentum which we have gained in our relations recently was proven once more in the recent fruitful visit of our Foreign Minister Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

We are confident that our relations will go further in the upcoming periods with the help of both Turkish and Norwegian efforts.


Distinguished guests,

I would like to greet you once again with my sincere regards and thank you for your presence.

Cumhuriyetimizin ilanının 96’ncı yıldönümü kutlu olsun. Happy Republic Day!

Fazlı Çorman


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